Septic Tank & Treatment Plant Installation

We can install new septic tanks or replace old ones that are past their time.

Septic tanks buried in ground. Septic tank installation by Grace Groundworks Ltd

Septic Tank, Treatment Plant and Klargester Installation

There are several different drainage and sewage storage and treatment options that can benefit your home. Many of these are the perfect solution if you are in a remote location where you cannot connect to the main drains.

There are, however, a variety of additional benefits to installing a septic tank/treatment plant – it is a far more efficient system and has low running costs. Additionally, in many cases, this option is better for the environment. It is important, however, that you select a team of professionals to install this for you, to ensure that it is correctly installed and reduce the risks of such a large project.

This is where Grace Groundworks comes in. Our expert team of staff are here for all your septic tank installation needs. We can install new septic tanks or replace new ones that are past their time. We take our client’s health and safety very seriously, making this a priority and following national regulations. We ensure that we leave any sites that we work on in a clean and tidy condition, leaving customers extremely satisfied with our work.

Download our Ultimate Guide to Installing Septic Tank/Treatment Plants

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about septic tanks, from choosing the right size and type for your property, to avoiding common problems and details on costs.

Your Options

If you are thinking of installing or replacing a septic tank in your home, there are several options available to you. Our expert staff will evaluate your needs and recommend what we think is best for your property, taking into consideration your needs and your budget.
Available options include:


A septic tank is based underground and has two chambers. Solids settle at the bottom of the first tank and start to break down as wastewater reaches it, while liquid moves onto the second chamber. Water can then drain from the tank through the soak-away.


Some properties are not eligible for a septic tank as they cannot have a connection that is fed by gravity, as the wastewater won’t flow naturally from the property into the main sewer. In these cases, we recommend a pumping station option which has a pump that aids waste removal.

Treatment Plant

Unlike septic tanks, installing your own sewage treatment plant allows you to get rid of waste without having to empty it periodically. A treatment plant separates your waste, and breaks it down, before releasing the water.

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