Concrete Flooring for Car Parks & Factories

Concrete is the ideal material for car park and factory floors, with excellent durability and toughness, that it is able to withstand heavy traffic, heavy loads constant pressure.

Underground parking concrete flooring. Concreting services by Grace Groundworks Ltd

Flooring Specialists

Concrete has high endurance and toughness, making it the perfect material for building car parks and factory flooring. As a result, it can handle heavy traffic, continuous pressure, and large weights for decades. It also functions well in every weather, especially if it has the right finish, and is simple to maintain so that it always looks and works its best.

Another advantage of concrete is that, compared to other construction materials, concrete often has more mass, which lessens vibrations caused by both foot and vehicle traffic.

Outdoor car park on sunny day. Car park construction by Grace Groundworks Ltd

Concrete Parking Bays

Whether you are looking to floor a car park, a lorry park, a factory yard or even an aeroplane hangar, our expert staff use their years of experience to create the perfect finish.

We provide our clients with a number of different concreting options and advise them on what we think is best for their site.

For flat car parks, for example, we recommend a brush finish to the concrete. This is created using a tool that looks like a brush to shape the surface of the wet concrete before it dries fully. A brushed concrete finish creates a texture on the surface of the concrete, giving it a slightly rougher texture. This is the best option for car parks as smooth concrete may lead to both cars and people slipping on the surface – with a slight texture, it increases grip, making it safer all around.

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Concrete Bay Construction

Some of our recent work.

We recently undertook this concrete bay installation project for our client Printech Circuits Laboratories Ltd, removing the old damaged broken bays and installing new reinforced pads.